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Price and Time-Temperature Displays

Using a digital price or time-temperature display is an easy way of keeping information up-to-date. Since 1998 Tammerneon has installed over 13 000 LED price displays. The brightness of the display adjusts automatically to lighting conditions.

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Visibility for All Weather Conditions with Digital Price and Time-Temperature Displays

The Tammerneon price and time-temperature displays are a reliable choice for both new and existing structures. The brightness of the LED illumination automatically adjusts to the weather, which ensures the best visibility in all weather conditions. Information is directed to the displays either wirelessly or via cable. The same control can also be used to adjust other exterior lighting, such as the lighting on a traffic sign or the edge of the gas station canopy.

The price displays are compatible with automated gas dispensers, and they can also be used for displaying octane numbers. The current 29-segment number system enables displaying more rounded numbers and has a more modern appearance than the traditional 7-segment system. The height of the numbers is 175 – 400 millimeters. All the models are equipped with a waterproof casing. Since 1998 Tammerneon has installed over 13 000 LED price and time-temperature displays across Europe.

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