Mediatehdas Oy, the Finnish advertising solutions supplier, has acquired the business operations of Tammerneon, which is one of the largest manufacturers of illuminated signs in the Nordic Countries and the Baltic Sea Region. This acquisition is significant in its field and it will enable quick international growth with an even more robust and specialized product selection.

-Could a Year Start Any Better Than This? It is our mission to acquire a significant portion of the Finnish and international market at a quick pace. This business acquisition will bring us large-scale product and project knowledge, as well as existing customers from major global chains. This would have been slow and difficult to accomplish on our own, says the CEO of Dimedia Mediatehdas, Tomi Harmonen.

Dimedia Mediatehdas Oy is specialized in designing and producing comprehensive advertising solutions and wayfinding signs. Despite the pressure provided by the major operators, this small giant has established itself as a manufacturer of durable and sustainable channel letters and cabinet signs.

The acquired business, Tammerneon Oy, is one of the largest manufacturers of illuminated and wayfinding signs in the Nordic Countries and the Baltic Sea Region. The company is known especially for manufacturing tall freestanding outdoor signs, i.e. pylon signs, which illuminate the business locations of gas station chains and hypermarkets.

The Merger Will Give the Businesses a Nice Boost

– One plus one is more than two. Even though both businesses operate in the same field, so far we have concentrated strongly on our own segments. By combining our know-how we will be able to offer our clients even better service and strengthen our competitive position with a stronger and more comprehensive product range, notes Timo Mattila, the Chief Business Officer of Tammerneon Oy.

The growth in manufacturing illuminated signs is predicted to continue in 2016. The year is beginning in a fair wind, since the volume of orders has been excellent compared to previous years.

– Although LED technology has advanced in leaps in the past 10 years, technology will keep advancing at an ever increasing rate. This spring we will launch two new products that have been manufactured using a completely new method, Harmonen reveals.

Dimedia Mediatehdas will acquire Tammerneon on 4 January 2016. Operation will continue under the Tammerneon name, and the personnel will continue in their positions as veteran staff. This change does not affect the existing contracts and customer relationships of the companies.

More Information:

Dimedia Mediatehdas Oy / CEO Tomi Harmonen / Tel. +358 407 727 877 /

Dimedia Mediatehdas Oy is a Finnish company specialized in designing and manufacturing illuminated and wayfinding signs and decals. The turnover of this company, established in 2005, is €1.5M (2014) and it employs 11 people.

Tammerneon is one of the largest manufacturers of illuminated signs in the Nordic Countries and the Baltic Sea Region. It is also a part of the Tamware Group. The company has been operating since 1967. Its turnover is €4.3M (2014) and it employs 24 people.