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Tammerneon does cooperate with architects. Do not hesitate to ask more about customization. You can also come visit us at our factory and get acquainted with our products and the technology we use.
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Highlite the Uniqueness of the Location with Stylish Customization

When designing the illuminated signs with architects and designers, it is possible to customize the signs effects, such as flashing light, light patterns or contrasting materials. Illuminated signs can also be installed on more challenging surfaces, such as glass, plastic or metal.

We offer designers our comprehensive product range and decades of experience concerning the design, manufacture and components of modern illuminated signs. Our products are CE marked and meet the ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 quality and environmental standards. It is important to plan the placement and installation technique of the illuminated signs in good time. When the details have already been thought out carefully at the drawing board, the illuminated signs are easy and cost-effective to install and maintain.

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